Julia Brückler ready for Skate at Liseberg

Julia Brückler is signed up and ready for Skate at Liseberg this summer. We are looking forward seeing her and the rest of all the competitors at Liseberg theme park June 9-12th! Hope we see you there!

Skate at Liseberg is back for the fifth consecutive year in 2016. We will work hard to blow away last years event with over 80 000 visitors and 26 partners!

Sign up for the competition? Entering fee 100 SEK (payment cash at the event)

Sig up here using Billetto

We have classes for both men and women.

Sign up women (starts competing on Friday) 

  1. Vanessa Torres (USA) – Meow Skateboards, Rockstar Bearings, Brooklyn Projects Skate Shop, The Pile Style
  2. Sarah Meurle (SWE) – Poetic Collective, 
  3. Candy Jacobs (NL) – Etnies, Blackriver, Cariphy, Immortal laces, Bleed clothing
  4. Aura Des Paquerettes (BEL) – Silence Skateboards, Rampaffairz, Globe Shoes and SBQ
  5. Keet Oldenbeuving (NL) – Nike SB, Skatepark Utrecht, Oakley
  6. Annie Guglia (CAN) – Vans, Axis Boardshop, Urban Ambush

  7. Julia Brückler (AUT) – Nike SB, Blue Tomato, Volcom, Element, Destructo, Electric, Bones Wheels & Bearings, Stance, Red Bull
  8. Jessica Jansson (SWE) – 
  9. Emma Fastersson Lindgren (SWE) – 

Pre-qualified (starts competing on Friday)

  1. Gabriel Eliassen Viking (SWE) – Chrononaut Skateboard, DC Shoes, Coyote Grind Lounge, Dickies
  1. Olof Hörnesten (SWE) – Kaleidoscope Skateboards
  2. Michael Jönsson (SWE) – Kaleidoscope Skateboards
  3. Filip Almqvist (SWE) – Adidas, Street Lab
  4. Albert Nyberg (SWE) – Etnies, Sour Skateboards  
  5. Jonas Skröder (DEN) –  Sour Skateboard, Vans 
  6. Simon Hallberg (SWE)IndependentBorka, VansXBrädkultur, Chrononaut
  7. Martin Sandberg (SWE) – Adidas, Sour Skateboards, Indepentent
  8. Jesper Lind (SWE) – Sweet Skateboards, HUF, Junkyard, Independent
  9. Josef Scott Jatta (SWE) – Sour Skateboards, DC Shoes, Spitfire,  Thunder Trucks, Pusher Bearings,  
  10. Herman Stene (NOR) – Real Skateboards, Volcom Europe, Adidas, Spifire, Independent
  11. Alexander Elfving (SWE) – ApperitffSpifire,Thunder TrucksEtniesMoyo Sundsvall 
  12. David Jakinda (SWE) – Nike SB, PrimitiveSpitfireThunder TrucksDiamond
  13. John Romo (SWE) – Desert Crew
  14. Daniel Wårdh (SWE) –Vans, Brixton, WKND, Bronson, Ricta
  15. Kristoffer Halgren (SWE) – Sour SkateboardsNike SB
  16. Daniel Spängs (SWE) – Sour SkateboardsAdidas
  17. Nisse Ingemarsson (SWE) – Sour Skateboards, Emerica Shoes, Desert Crew, Fast Wheels
  18. Carl Mårtensson (SWE) –AdidasBrixton, Expedition OneDiamond
  19. Vilbur Fritzon (SWE) – Sweet SkateboardsJunkyard,Thunder TrucksSpitfire, Worn by


Thursday, June 9th
13:00 Liseberg opens
15:00 Game of Skate Round 1 (16 matches)
17:00 Liseberg Classics – Open qualifiers start – 10 competedors through
19:00 Film screening on the big stage
20:00 Skate Liseberg closes
22:00 Skate park closes
23:00 Liseberg closes

Friday, June 10th
13:00 Liseberg opens
14:00 Girl qualifiers
15:30 Game of Skate Round 2 (8 matches)
17:00 Pro qualifying starts – 40 skaters (20 semifinalist)
20:00 Film screening on the big stage
20:00 Skate Liseberg closes
22:00 Skate park closes
23:00 Liseberg closes

Saturday, June 11
11:00 Liseberg opens
15:00 Semi Final Liseberg Classics – 20 skaters will be 10
17:00 Girls Final
18:00 Final Liseberg Classics
19:45 Film screening on the big stage
20:00 Skate Liseberg closes
22:00 Skate park closes
23:00 Liseberg closes

Sunday, June 12
11:00 Liseberg opens
12:00 Film screening on the big stage
13:00 Game of Skate Round 3 & 4 (4 semifinals and final)
17:00 Film screening on the big stage
20:00 Skate at Liseberg closes
22:00 Liseberg closes