Josef Scott Jatta & Jonas Skrøder both ready for Skate at Liseberg!

Josef Scott Jatta & Jonas Skrøder both ready for Skate at Liseberg, are you? Both Jonas and Josef have participated Skate at Liseberg but still without a win. Will anyone of them be on top this year? June 9th we open the doors to Liseberg. Hope we see you there!

Skate at Liseberg is back for the fifth consecutive year in 2016. We will work hard to blow away last years event with over 80 000 visitors and 26 partners!

Sign up for the competition? Entering fee 100 SEK (payment cash at the event)

Sig up here: Biletto

We have classes for both men and women.

Pre-qualified (starts competing on Friday)

  1. Olof Hörnesten (SWE) – Kaleidoscope Skateboards
  2. Michael Jönsson (SWE) – Kaleidoscope Skateboards
  3. Filip Almqvist (SWE) – Adidas, Street Lab
  4. Albert Nyberg (SWE) – Etnies, Sour Skateboards
  5. Jonas Skröder (DEN) –  Sour Skateboard, Vans 
  6. Simon Hallberg (SWE) – IndependentBorka, VansXBrädkultur, Chrononaut
  7. Martin Sandberg (SWE) – Adidas, Sour Skateboards, Indepentent
  8. Jesper Lind (SWE) – Sweet Skateboards, HUF, Junkyard, Independent
  9. Josef Scott Jatta (SWE) – Sour Skateboards, DC Shoes, Spitfire,  Thunder Trucks,Pusher Bearings,