Julia Brückler ready for Skate at Liseberg

2016-04-25 Skate

Julia Brückler is signed up and ready for Skate at Liseberg this summer. We are looking forward seeing her and the rest of all the competitors at Liseberg theme park June 9-12th! Hope we see you there! Skate at Liseberg is back for the...Fortsätt läs

Evan Smith “No Hotels”

2016-04-20 Skate

  Evan Smith ripping like always! A true joy and inspiration to see him on the...Fortsätt läs

Nisse Ingemarsson ready for Liseberg

2016-04-16 Skate

Nisse Ingemarsson will be ripping at Skate at Liseberg this summer! Are you? See more skaters who are coming and read more about the event further down. Skate at Liseberg is back for the fifth consecutive year in 2016. We will work hard to...Fortsätt läs

Bronze56k’s “Plug”

2016-04-16 Skate

Sit back, relax and enjoy some awesome 15 minutes of beautiful skateboarding! See more of there epic products, Bronze56k...Fortsätt läs

Vanessa Torres ready for Skate at Liseberg

2016-04-13 Skate

As you know, Skate at Liseberg take place on 9-12 June. New for this year is that we will have a class for girls. The first girl who is ready is none other than Vanessa Torres! One of the greatest rippers in the world! Vanessa will...Fortsätt läs


John Romo ready for Skate at Liseberg

2016-04-11 Skate

One of Swedens finest John Romo is ready for Skate at Liseberg! Are you?! Skate at Liseberg is back for the fifth consecutive year in 2016. We will work hard to blow away last years event with over 80 000 visitors and 26 partners! Sign up...Fortsätt läs

Primitive got a pretty solid team

2016-04-09 Skate

What really puts the magnitude of Primitive’s roster into perspective is a clip starting at the 2:50 mark, where P-Rod blasts a bigspin heelflip over the turf gap, followed by a nollie hardflip noseslide from Diego Najera, and ending...Fortsätt läs

Wes for President!

2016-04-09 Skate

Wes Kramer! Whats not to...Fortsätt läs

David Jakinda & Alexander Elfving ready for Skate at Liseberg

2016-04-08 Skate

David Jakinda & Alexander Elfving is ready for Skate at Liseberg, are you? For the 5th consecutive year the kick ass competition inside Scandinavias biggest theme park Liseberg will happen. David together with 10 other rippers are...Fortsätt läs

Throwback Thursday! Underachievers

2016-04-07 Skate

Underachievers, inspiring for ever! Thank you so much Dan...Fortsätt läs